Sunday, September 2, 2012

Stages of the Project

Iteration 1 - Thesis

That was the plan in early 2011. Little did I know.

Iteration 2 - Antithesis (Google Developer Day 2011)

Google Developer Day 2011 in Berlin ADK Showcase 

That was what actually happended. Includes a lot of learning about Android, BCI, USB, Bluetooth, Arduino, tech companies and people.

Iteration 3 - Synthesis (Plan)

That's the current idea - see last post. Simplifying things, trying to run USB Host mode on one port and USB Accessory mode on the other. Kind of a re-entry of the initial design.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

State of the Brainreading Union Address 2012

Two things happened. 
  1. Google has released a new ADK (, called "2012 ADK", as well as published a refresh of the original ADK, now called "2011 ADK" (
  2. Lenovo has updated the Thinkpad Tablet to API Level 15 (Android 4.0.3).
We might never find out why (Heisenberg) but the ADK now works on the Thinkpad tablet.

Which means, the two-tablet (Bluetooth) solution to landing a Mars lander with your brain I came up with last year for Google Developer Day in Berlin ( might eventually be replaced by a one-tablet solution.

Both parts - the BCI interface and the Arduino-controlled Mars Lander are already implemented with fragments ( The interesting question is if it will possible to talk to the USB-A port of the tablet via USB Host while the micro USB port is talking to the ADK.

Let's see. Work on the project has resumed.