Wednesday, May 9, 2012

State of the Android ADK?

I wonder what Google is up to regarding the ADK. There are still lots of people making amazing stuff, yet since Google does not move a finger since May 2011(?), maybe its time to switch to another library or method in connecting Arduinos to Androids.

Here is an overview at

The Android ADK however is still a (rather) hidden dowload, is not updated since 2011, has not moved into the main Android or Google distribution and mannufacturer support still is a game of luck. Try asking Lenovo for example, if an Android 3.1 tablet is supposed to support the ADK. (I did.)

The great manufacturer of my Android tablet device announced that they would update to Android 4.0.3 in May 2012. Now, maybe that gives a new boost to this project. Maybe Android Reads My Brain gets a new breath of life by then. Lets wait and see. I am patient, in a Zen-like way by now.

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